Out of Area Adoptions:  Persons living a few hours away are welcome to adopt, but must be
    prepared to provide their own transportation to visit the dog and pick up the dog. We do not ship dogs.
    Distance applicants must provide at least one letter of recommendation from a pet professional (i.e.:
    veterinarian, animal trainer, or local humane organization) on letterhead in addition to photos of your
    home and property that will show where the dog will be sleeping, fencing etc. We will also request a
    home visit from someone local to your area. ALL individuals and other dogs living in the household
    must participate in the adoption appointment to ensure compatibility. Transportation of dogs out of area
    must be in a safe and approved manner including an adequately sized vehicle to accommodate all
    travelers and in most cases a transport crate.

    General Adoption Policies

    You will be required to sign a contract that if for any reason the adoption does not work out,
    you or your designated representative will return the dog to our rescue organization at your
    own expense regardless of the distance or other extenuating circumstances.

    A Passion for Paws is a non-profit 501c3 organization whose expenses for the care of each dog
    normally exceed the adoption donation requested.  We  typically request a donation for adoption
    between $250 and $600 depending on the age, purebred or mix, health and any other special
    considerations regarding the dog.  We reserve the right to establish an appropriate adoption donation
    for each dog on a case by case basis

    A Passion for Paws reserves the right to refuse entry to the Akita Ranch for any reason and reserves
    the right to approve or deny adoption for any reason.
To start the adoption process please print out and complete an application, scan it and return it to us via
e-mail at apassionforpaws@gmail.com.

After we receive your adoption application, and it has been reviewed; you will then be contacted by
email to schedule an appointment to meet the dog(s) you are interested in.
To avoid disappointment,
please confirm the date and time of your appointment prior to driving to the Akita Ranch.

We ask that all individuals living in the home attend the adoption appointment to make sure that
everyone is compatible. If you have other dogs we strongly encourage you to bring them for an
introduction as well.

All applicants will be required to complete an additional adoption contract. Our adoption contract is
included below for your review